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Nadine Lunn

Nadine Lunn

Foundation Governor

Elected by parents
Appointed January 2018




Despite moving to the north-west Highlands in August 2019, Nadine feels very privileged to be a part of the governing body, having had her three children educated within the Skinner’s family of schools, two at SKA and one at SKPS until their move north. 

Being a Governor has taught Nadine a great deal about what goes on behind the scenes and just how much hard work is needed to ensure the continuous, successful running of a school. Without the voice of the pupils, their parents/carers and staff, both on and off site, this would not be possible and so, if she is able to share the thoughts of those around her, she hopes that every child grows and is as happy as hers were, and that every parent/carer and member of staff feels as confident in the education, ethos and values of the school as she does.