Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Inspire Flourish Succeed

Skinners’ Kent Primary School (SKPS) is founded on the principles of an ethos of high standards and high aspirations, a culture of active participation, and an emotionally rich and inclusive learning environment within which every child is known and every learner supported.
We aim to find and develop everything that is exceptional in each child to help them flourish within a framework of high expectations. We motivate and inspire our pupils to achieve their very best, to fly high, and to establish firm foundations to ensure the brightest of futures.


Pride in Our Success

We take pride in our success and to achieve this we are setting high standards with clear expectations. We focus on encouragement, underpinned by good discipline. Staff, pupils and parents work together to ensure that pride in our success means:

  • Pride in our work
  • Pride in our behaviour and attitude
  • Pride in our attendance and punctuality
  • Pride in our uniform
  • Pride in our commitment to learning and achievement
  • Pride in our contribution to our community