Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum journey:

At Skinners’ Kent Primary School we teach the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum for England. In October 2021 the Governing Body approved the decision to move away from the International Baccalaureate Curriculum (IB PYP). Since November 2021, the curriculum has been redesigned to ensure that there is a clear progression outlined, whilst maintaining an emphasis on an inquiry-based learning approach.

Our curriculum intent:

The school’s curriculum aims to instil a love of learning in pupils enabling them to become confident, self-disciplined individuals capable of engaging in a lifelong process of learning and striving for excellence in all they do. Our curriculum recognises that our pupils relish learning independently and co-operatively through inquiry; they love to be challenged and engaged in practical activities; they delight in the wealth of opportunities for understanding more about the world. Our pupils develop a rich cultural capital that is developed through the taught curriculum in school and where this has been possible, through a range of cultural visits, enrichment activities and engagement with external visitors and experts. 

We strive to prepare our pupils to develop a sense of initiative, to take risks and accept failures. We acknowledge that the foundation of a happy and fulfilled life are positive and supportive relationships and therefore ensure our pupils are balanced, caring, reflective communicators who understand that good citizenship and communities should be encouraged, recognised and celebrated.

We take on an inquiry-led approach which is developing the pupils’ ability to ask inquisitive questions that lead to deepening knowledge and growing a thirst for future learning. Inquiry-led learning also enables the children to develop an understanding of how learning in different subjects can connect. Our pupils are curious and knowledgeable, informed and inquisitive, and seek opportunities to expand and strengthen their understanding. Pupils feel confident to ask questions and challenge perspectives. This helps to develop their problem-solving abilities, their leadership skills and to see their ideas through to completion.

Through embedding our curriculum and our whole school focus on our school values we aspire all learners to be:

  • Successful in life
  • Kind to all
  • Proud of themselves and others

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