Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

At Skinners’ Kent Primary School we teach the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum for England. We strive to prepare our pupils to develop a sense of initiative, to take risks and accept failures. We acknowledge that the foundation of a happy and fulfilled life are positive and supportive relationships and therefore ensure our pupils are balanced, caring, reflective communicators who understand that good citizenship and communities should be encouraged, recognised and celebrated.

Rather than topic titles, inquiry programmes are developed around a conceptually driven ‘central idea’. For example, rather than studying a unit titled ‘Water’, our pupils inquire into the central idea ‘Water is an essential resource that is not equally available to all’. Engagement with this central idea will require pupils to ask questions and consider real world issues surrounding the availability of water - why is water not equally available? Where are there water shortages? How can we conserve water?  This conceptual approach is how we  our pupils inquiring minds and develops critical thinking such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation in pupils. We believe that education must extend beyond the classroom. An explicit expectation is that successful inquiry will lead to responsible action, initiated by the pupil as a result of their learning. For example, a pupil who has learnt about the importance of conserving water may make choices at home e.g. using a bucket rather than hose when helping to wash the car.

Our curriculum will:

  • Promote high standards
  • Provide a broad and varied learning experience in every Key Stage
  • Enable pupils to develop effective skills of co-operation and collaboration
  • Develop a wide range of skills and broaden pupils’ life experiences
  • Promote a positive engagement with, and commitment to, learning
  • Be relevant to pupils and prepare them for the here and now, for the next phase of their education, and for their future

Through embedding our curriculum and our whole school focus on our school values we aspire all learners to be:

  • Successful
  • Kind
  • Aspirational
  • Thinkers

If we develop this love of learning, and grow their confidence to learn in any situation, children will continue to build upon these throughout their life. Research shows that we need to equip our pupils with highly developed capacity to learn for life in the 21st century: “21st century life presents everyone with high levels of challenge, complexity and individual responsibility where choice, problem solving and learning are key. Education needs to strengthen their ability to be good choosers, skilful problem solvers and powerful learners”

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