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Aiming for 100%

Regular attendance is essential if your child is to make progress and take an active part in school life.

Children should only be absent from school in cases of illness, treatment or exceptional circumstances. ​

Absence due to illness

Parents should always inform the school by 8.30am on the first day of absence, by email to, or by telephone, stating your child’s name and reason for absence, so that we can record this promptly and accurately on the register.

Please inform the school immediately if an infectious illness has been diagnosed by a Doctor, and the advice given by him/her.

You can obtain advice from the school office as to when it is appropriate for your child to return to school following an illness, particularly following sickness or tummy upset, when the 48hr rule applies.

Please try to make non-urgent dental and medical appointments outside of school hours. 

Absence requests

Any absence requests must be made using the Absence Request Form which is available from the school office.