At Skinners’ Kent Primary School we aim:

  • To be discerning users of the Internet and to have an understanding of when to use it.
  • To be confident and creative users, open to new ideas of learning.
  • To treat all equipment with respect.
  • To use technology safely and respectfully: keeping personal information private, identify steps needed to remain safe and where to go for support.
  • Children to start to use technology purposefully in a range of context ensuring that the end product if fit for purpose.
  •  To gather the knowledge and understanding to become an active participant in the digital world.

Across the school we use Purple Mash to support our computing teaching and learning sessions.

Our e-safety leader is Gemma Wyatt, Headteacher. 

What our children say about Computing:

  • I like using Purple Mash to touch type, my touch typing has become so fast now. (Year 3)
  • I like programming the Bee Bots to move all around the classroom. (Year 1)
  • I used the camera to take pictures of my learning and share with my friends. I can do this at home too. (Reception)

KS1 Computing Skills ProgressionKS2 Computing Skills Progression