School Council & Head Pupils

School Council & Head Pupils

Our objectives:

  • To make sure all pupils have an opportunity to share their ideas and make an impact on the school.
  • To work with the teachers to improve the school for all pupils.
  • To ensure that all pupils enjoy school and have fun learning.
  • To work collaboratively with the whole school community, including the School Council, the PTFA, teachers, Leadership Team, Governors and of course the pupils we represent.
  • To demonstrate the highest levels of behaviour ourselves and show respect for all community members.
  • To make a positive impact

School Council Representatives

Year 3

Representatives to be confirmed.

Year 4



Why did you want to join the school council: “I am very chatty, have good ideas and I’m respectful to everyone” 
Favourite book/film/TV show: 
The Grinch 
Favourite food: 
Chocolate obviously! 
Favourite quote: “I love you"



Why did you want to join the school council: “I am friendly and not scared to talk to people. I would like to help people think about how they talk to others”
Favourite book/film/TV show: Ratburger 
Favourite food: Spaghetti 
Favourite quote: “You’re a great friend” ​

Year 5


Why did you want to join the school council: “I am fair and a good listener and I would like the best for everybody” 
Favourite book/film/TV show: Any of the secret seven books, Mandalorian 
Favourite food: Pepperoni pizza 
Favourite quote: "Never give up!"



Why did you want to join the school council: “I am kind, helpful, friendly and a fun person to be around. I would help make a difference for the children of our school. I love my school and I want to help make it better.” 
Favourite book/film/TV show: Diary of a wimpy kid, tv show horrid Henry 
Favourite food: Sushi 
Favourite quote: "Never give up! ​"

Year 6


Why did you want to join the school council: “I am easy to talk to, a good listener, respectful, kind and I am good at cooperating with others” 
Favourite book/film/TV show: Harry Potter 
Favourite food: Pasta 
Favourite quote: "Team work makes the dream work"



Why did you want to join the school council: “I am hard working, helpful but above all I like to have fun” 
Favourite book/film/TV show: The midnight gang by David Williams/The worst witch by Jill Murphy/TV show: The Loud House/Film: Home Alone
Favourite food: Pepperoni pizza 
Favourite quote: "You rock!"